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Rainbow crosswalk

11 Successful LGBTQ Marketing Campaigns from 2017

Looking back at 2017’s LGBTQ marketing and advertising campaigns, there were many brand messages...

asian women on computer

3 Optimal Strategies for Reaching Asian-American Consumers

With a population growing nearly 50% since 2002, Asian-Americans are the fastest growing...

african american man on computer

Buying Power and Shopping Habits of the African-American Segment

The buying power of the African-American market segment increased by 27% from 2010 to 2015, and...

Youth Brand Alignment: Q&A with Sarah Unger, VP of Insights and Marketing Strategy at Viacom

Sara Unger, vice president of marketing strategy, trends and insights at Viacom, has spent several...

LGBT wedding

LGBTQ Highlights and Takeaways from the 2017 ANA Multicultural Conference

Transgender issues no longer only resonate with the LGBTQ community, but also with the broader...

Teen on smartphone

Talking Kid Power and Youth Trends with Motivate’s Gregg L. Witt

Witt stops by to discuss some of the key challenges when seeking to earn the attention of tweens,...

ANA Conference

2017 ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference Recap With Motivate’s Leadership Team

Motivate’s leadership team, Gregg Witt, executive vice president of youth marketing; Randy Gudiel,...

Ethnic lesbian couple

Multicultural LGBTQ: Caught Between Two Worlds and What It Means For Marketers

“No Blacks.  No Asians.  Just a preference.”  We’ve seen that phrase on the profiles of...


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