The U.S. black population is currently estimated to be 45.7 million.  Trends within the younger generations of African Americans are an important area of focus for marketers. They are increasingly connected and represent a significant portion of the black population.

Here are 10 facts about African Americans and African-American youth.

African Americans

  • The African-American market currently has an annual spending power of $1 trillion, and is projected to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2017.
  • New York has the largest black population in the U.S. with 3.8 million.
  • Overall, 73% of African-American internet users—and 96% of those ages 18-29—use a social networking site of some kind.
  • Of black internet users, 22% are Twitter users, compared with 16% of white internet users.
  • More African Americans own a smartphone (83%) compared with the general population (78%).

African-American Youth

  • Almost 30% of the black population is under the age of 18.
  • African-American teens (ages 13-17) are the most likely of any racial or ethnic group to have or have access to a smartphone. Of African-American teens, 85% report smartphone ownership, compared with 71% of white and 71% of Hispanic youth.
  • Among teens who use Twitter, 45% of African-American teens use Twitter, compared with 34% of Hispanic and 31% white teens.
  • Among teens who use Instagram, 64% of African-American teens use Instagram, compared with 52% of Hispanic and 50% of white teens.
  • Among African-American teens, 34% report going online “almost constantly,” while 32% of Hispanic teens and 19% of white teens go online that often.

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Mobile and social media are crucial when targeting the African American market. Using mobile technology and social networking sites are especially significant in targeting young black consumers as they lead in engagement on multiple social network sites and smartphone ownership.

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