The current Asian American buying power is four times larger than the highly coveted millennial segment’s, and it’s expected to grow to $1 trillion by 2018. Also, Asian Americans make up almost 6 percent of the U.S. population.

This consumer is digitally savvy and oftentimes makes use of technology to reconnect with cultural roots. From traveling east to finding culture on social media, below are ways Asian Americans are investing their time and money in reconnecting.

1. Traveling East

Almost 40 percent of Asian Americans bought an airline ticket in the past 12 months said yes; comparatively, about 20 percent of non-Hispanic whites purchased tickets. Asian Americans are 600 percent more likely to travel to Japan, China or Southeast Asia than the average U.S. traveler. In comparison, Latinos are only eight percent more likely to travel to South America, 14 percent more likely to travel to Mexico and six percent more likely to travel to Central America.

2. Via Facebook

About 55 percent of Asian Americans use Facebook to connect to friends and family outside the U.S. The number rises to 83 percent for Asian Americans born outside the U.S. About 38 percent of Asian American Facebook users are sharing links to news articles on the social media network, which is more than the other groups surveyed, including Latinos and African Americans. More than 40 percent of Asian American respondents said they access cultural content via Facebook because it’s not available in other media.

Motivate’s Asian Path-to-Purchase Research Study indicates linguistic affinities span across print, digital and social. In-language social media networks are very popular. Respondents favored Kakao (Korean) and WeChat (Chinese) over Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. Facebook remains the most popular above said in-language apps— note that Facebook allows language customization as opposed to other U.S. based social media networks.

3. In-Language Media

An impressive 74 percent of participants said they engage with in-language media weekly, meaning second-generation Asian Americans also consume in-language media. About 40 percent of Motivate’s Asian Path-to-Purchase Research Study respondents said media that speaks about their country of origin is important. Also, nearly 50 percent of Chinese and Koreans in the New York DMA read in-language newspapers.

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Source: IPSOS MediaCT/Facebook, Nielsen, Motivate/New American Dimensions.

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