Hispanic and African-American LGBTQ consumers are 15 percent less likely to see their race included in the larger LGBTQ community compared to white LGBTQ consumers. For Asian LGBTQ consumers, the gap widens to 21 percent. The events below—for and by queer people of color and their allies—are your best bet to authentically reach these intersectional communities.

  1. Philadelphia Black Pride Celebration

On its 17th year, the Philadelphia Black Gay Pride Celebration entertains and inspires with open-mic spoken word, awards, parties and more unfolding at venues citywide. The annual Philly Black Pride Festival serves the LGBTQ African American community. It’s less of a festival, and more a space for LGBTQ people of color to network and address what’s facing the community – all while redefining the community via recreational social experiences, Philly Voice reported. The total attendance to all events is an average of 3-5,000.

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  1. Cine Gay Showcase

The San Diego Latino Film Festival’s Cine Gay Showcase brings a diverse repertoire of queer films to its audiences every year. The movies are screened throughout the weeklong festival; most of them are in Spanish. In addition to feature films, the festival also compiles a catalog of “gay shorts” to show back-to-back – these are stories that perhaps lacked strong production support but still deserved being told.

  1. Okaeri: A Nikkei LGBTQ Gathering

With a name loosely translated to “welcome back,” ever year Okaeri welcomes LGBTQ families at The Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. The two-day event is a resource for the Nikkei community, but is open to anyone interested in attending. The space is designed to share support through educational and storytelling workshops.

The event was inaugurated in 2014 by a group of Japanese-American parents of LGBTQ people, their children and allies. More than 200 people attended then, and it inspired similar gatherings in Chicago, Seattle, Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.

  1. The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance Conference

Every three years, The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) gets together in the nation’s largest gathering for LGBTQ Asian Pacific Islander communities. NQAPIA is a federation comprised by LGBTQ Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian and Pacific Islander communities. In addition to the conference and regional summits, NQAPIA awards community leaders in its Catalyst Awards, which had three emancipations this year. NQAPIA honored this year’s change-makers in New York and Boston in March and those in DC in April.

  1. Papi Juice

A relatively more underground event in comparison to the ones mentioned above, Papi Juice is a collective that organizes monthly events in New York City’s dwindling and mostly white gay nightlife scene. Papi Juice was created as a safe space free from oppression and isolation queer people of color can experience from their own racial communities as well as mainstream gay culture. Papi Juice’s event pages on Facebook reach thousands of users. Past events have been sponsored by Popeye’s, KFC and Pollo Rico.

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Source: Motivate/Latinum Network Study, 2016.

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