New York Pride Parade

Now is the time to be planning for your Q1/Q2 LGBTQ marketing strategy, and one of the most effective tactics in reaching the LGBTQ segment before Pride season is leveraging shared moments significant to its consumers. These are comprised of LGBTQ observances and celebrations that occur at the local, national and international level. As these shared moments also have a halo effect of capturing attention from LGBTQ Allies, your company has the opportunity to showcase its corporate social responsibility while driving brand reach and loyalty.

Creating a marketing strategy around one of these six shared moments below allows you to engage in advertising, community outreach, sponsorship and support that will build your LGBTQ brand. Ultimately, these shared moments facilitate the acquisition of LGBTQ consumer insight that helps your brand generate authentic marketing campaigns:

Valentine’s Day

Be prosocial. Take advantage of this romantic holiday to create content that explicitly casts gay, lesbian, transgender and interracial LGBTQ couples. Hallmark engaged its LGBTQ consumers with a gay ad, featuring a marriage proposal between two men. Other brands leveraged their social media with #LoveIsLove, one of the most successful hashtags to interlace itself amongst LGBTQA online users. Research shows that nearly 50% of millennials are more likely to support a brand after seeing an equality-themed ad. Moreover, 69% of LGBTQ consumers are more likely to share emotional ads with their social circles.

International Day of Transgender Visibility

Observed on March 31st, this global celebration is dedicated to bringing awareness to the discrimination toward transgender people. Your brand can empower these consumers by highlighting their accomplishments, featuring transgender public figures and participating on social media using related hashtags such as #tvod #transresistance.

Day of Silence

This is GLSEN’s annual day to spread awareness about bullying and harassment of LGBTQ students. The problem pervades nine out of ten high school students, thus, targeting Gen Z with a brand message encouraging them to address the problem can leverage the trust in your brand. Nine-in-ten millennials also prefer brands promoting progressive messages, so companies may choose to promote donating a percentage of sales to GLSEN.

GLAAD Media Awards – Los Angeles

The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor branches of the media for outstanding representations of the LGBTQ community and the challenges that affect their lives. The awards are also delivered to branches of theater, music, journalism and advertising. Brands that sponsor these awards receive coverage during the ceremony by over 150 media outlets. This event has an extensive reach, attended by more than 5,000 guests and reaching 84 million LGBTQ people in the U.S.

Local Pride Events – April

Miami Beach Pride, with over 130,000 attendants, celebrates the LGBTQ community and culture over the course of three days. As a highly frequented region, sponsoring Miami Pride will allow your brand to reach travelers and gain a loyal following from South Florida residents and visitors.

Phoenix Pride, bringing together over 15,000 spectators, cultivates education for the Phoenix community on LGBTQ diversity and challenges. The consistency of your brand aligning with LGBTQ consumers will build positive brand attitude, recommendation and purchase intention by LGBT consumers and their supporters.

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