Consumers are being inspired, informed and having conversations with their peers, long before they make a purchase. To be effective, brands need to be a part of that dialogue. To stay connected to the consumer path-to-purchase, retailers are leveraging influencer marketing to generate awareness that drives store traffic and sales.




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  1. Reaches a targeted audience

Marketing to a broad audience might raise awareness, but if people are not interested in your products, the investment is wasted. Targeting the right influencers means reaching the right audience that is exponentially more likely to be interested in your brand.

Influencers can be segmented by demographic (millennials, Hispanic moms), subject-matter expertise (fitness, fashion, entertainment), platform (YouTube, Instagram, blog), location, or a powerful combination of all four.

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  1. People trust people

Web-savvy consumers are actively looking for like-minded individuals whose advice they trust. About 75 percent of consumers don’t trust ads, but they believe an influencer will share honest information about products they’ve enjoyed.

  1. Drives ROI

On average, marketers who implemented an influencer marketing program received $9.60-14.00 in earned media value for every $1.00 of paid media spend. Unlike digital ads that are time-sensitive, influencer-generated content stays online forever, continuing to increase earned media value at no extra investment.

As influencer marketing becomes more sophisticated, measurements and tracking have followed. Motivate’s real-time influencer marketing dashboards deliver performance-driven metrics and analytics, quantifying every view, click, like, share and comment, as well as total media value and ROI. Motivate clients and agency partners can see where their influencer marketing campaigns are thriving and, most importantly, where they can be quickly optimized.

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