EPMG, the nation’s leading multicultural media partner, launches Market Tour, a series of market-specific videos and supporting data showcasing the uniqueness of the top multicultural markets in the United States. Houston, Phoenix, Atlanta, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Dallas are the first of several markets to be spotlighted. The series is intended to give marketers useful perspectives and data regarding the multicultural diversity of various cities and the rationale for utilizing multicultural media as part of their advertising solutions. Market Tour features interviews with prominent community leaders, publishers of multicultural media, and C-level executives. The multi-part video series is publicly accessible online at www.epmg360.com/markettour.

Houston, Texas is the first market to be featured in the Market Tour video series. Houston is the most populous city in Texas and the fourth-most populous in the United States. The multicultural city is the number one Hispanic market in Texas and the third largest Hispanic market in the United States, following Los Angeles and New York City. Houston is also the 5th largest African-American populated city in the nation. With over 2 million Hispanics and nearly 1 million African-Americans, we see Houston as a multicultural marketing opportunity as big as the Lone Star State itself.

“The population of Houston’s African-American community is equivalent to the size of Atlanta, of Pittsburgh, or St. Louis. For a marketer to look at Houston and ignore the black community is like saying ‘Oh, I won’t advertise in Atlanta, Pittsburgh or St. Louis’ and we know that’s not realistic,” said Sonny Jiles, Publisher, Defender Media Group.

3 facts on Houston’s multicultural community:

  • Over 80,000 Hispanic-owned businesses in Houston, Texas
  • Compared to other US cities, Houston African-Americans are 23% more likely to have a college degree and 27% more likely to have incomes over $75,000
  • More than half of Houston Hispanics read Spanish-language newspapers

The community leaders, business owners and individuals featured in the Houston Market Tour video include:

Watch the Houston Market Tour video to see the diversity of the city and the power of its multicultural consumers.

Find out more on Houston’s Hispanic media consumption by checking out this infographic.