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EPMG, the nation’s leading multicultural media partner, launches Market Tour, a series of market-specific videos and supporting data showcasing the uniqueness of the top multicultural markets in the United States. Houston, Phoenix, Atlanta, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Dallas are the first of several markets to be spotlighted. The series is intended to give marketers useful perspectives and data regarding the multicultural diversity of various cities and the rationale for utilizing multicultural media as part of their advertising solutions. Market Tour features interviews with prominent community leaders, publishers of multicultural media, and C-level executives. The multi-part video series is publicly accessible online at


Los Angeles is the most-populous city and the second-most populous in the United States. Los Angeles is the #1 U.S. Hispanic market and the 6th largest African-American market. If you want your company to be a multicultural marketing star, L.A.’s the place, with 8.1 million Hispanic and over 1.1 million African-American consumers.  With EPMG directing your company’s multicultural media planning and buying for the diverse consumer audience in Los Angeles, your ROI is sure to be a success.



The community leaders, business owners and individuals featured in this video include:

“I think that people have to realize the reality of this market – this market is not an all-Spanish or all-English. This market is one that is in movement. It is one that has different levels of acculturation, has a lot of different levels of linguistic preferences and skills. That is what’s dynamic and important about the market.”- Gloria Alvarez, Managing Editor, EGP News on the LA Hispanic market

Facts of Los Angeles’ Growing Hispanic Market:

Watch the Los Angeles Market Tour video to see the diversity of the city and the power of its multicultural consumers.