EPMG, the nation’s leading multicultural media partner, launches Market Tour, a series of market-specific videos and supporting data showcasing the uniqueness of the top multicultural markets in the United States. Houston, Phoenix, Atlanta, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Dallas are the first of several markets to be spotlighted. The series is intended to give marketers useful perspectives and data regarding the multicultural diversity of various cities and the rationale for utilizing multicultural media as part of their advertising solutions. Market Tour features interviews with prominent community leaders, publishers of multicultural media, and C-level executives. The multi-part video series is publicly accessible online at

Phoenix_Arizona_EPMG_MarketTour2Phoenix, Arizona is the eighth largest Hispanic market in the United States, with over 1.5 million Latinos residents and a buying power of over $21 billion.  41 percent of the Phoenix community is of Latino descent, with the number of second and third generation Latinos growing.  The Latino community in Phoenix is making its mark in both the local business community and with increased attendance at local colleges and universities.

“You can see a trend that is not only going on in Phoenix and Arizona, but nationally. Hispanics are making an impact and to a certain point deciding who becomes our president, who becomes our governor, and who becomes our U.S. senators,” said Tony Rivero, Vice Mayor, City of Peoria.

3 facts on Phoenix’s growing Latino community:

  • Phoenix is the 8th largest Hispanic market in the U.S.
  • Hispanics account for 41% of the Phoenix population
  • Phoenix Hispanics are more likely to purchase in the next year than the general market: new car, HD TV, Tablet

The community leaders, business owners and individuals featured in this video include:


Watch the Phoenix Market Tour video to see the diversity of the city and the power of its multicultural consumers.