By Jenny Collins

For the second year in a row, EPMG and LionHeart Digital won the Top Hispanic Digital Media Innovation Award at Portada’s 7th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference. This year’s conference was held on September 25-26, 2013 at the Scholastic Auditorium & Greenhouse in New York City.

The winning innovation was made possible by LionHeart Digital, a subsidiary of EPMG. EPMG/LionHeart Digital launched EPMG Latino which is comprised of over 20 Latino newspaper publications. EPMG Latino provides a turnkey, full digital solution to support Latino print newspapers.

EPMG/LionHeart Digital’s set of services brought the newspapers up to agency required auditing and compliant to IAB industry standards, also providing standard and innovative advertising and programming. The standardization, unique programming, and audience quality have produced an attractive, turn-key media buy for agencies resulting in new profits for publishers as well as a repeat win for EPMG in Hispanic digital media innovation. The award was accepted by CEO, Trevor Hansen.

The two day conference featured subject matter experts from all over the nation. The first day was the Hispanic Sports Marketing Forum which featured topics such as the 2014 World Cup and soccer, Hispanic sports bloggers, and Hispanic sports digital strategies. The second day focused on the latest innovations towards Hispanic marketing and the awards ceremony.

Overall, the annual conference was a wonderful opportunity to hear from many advertising and marketing thought leaders in Hispanic marketing, share latest progressions and perspectives on reaching the growing Hispanic market, and network with potential colleagues and clients.

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