Pause your streaming of Netflix’s Club de Cuervos and let’s explore what Latinos are watching, where they’re watching, and how they’re watching it over and over.

  1. All day from the palm of our hands
    The little window in our pockets seems to be the gateway to the world. Latinos are 1.5 times more likely to consume videos on their smartphones or tablets multiple times a day, according to Facebook IQ. About 40 percent of Latinos under the age of 32 watch content on their smartphones five or more days a week.
  2. Influenced by mobile video ads
    With all eyes on mobile devices, Latinos are nearly 60 percent more likely to purchase products they see advertised on their phones, according to Experian. Online video advertisements are just as likely to be consumed without sound, so it’s advised video messages be clear even without audio.
  3. Consumer, but also creator
    Compared to the general population, Latinos are 1.4 times more likely to create their own video posts. The higher rate is significant to brands wanting to reach Latino consumers via word-of-mouth marketing. More user-generated videos equal a larger pool of social media influencers to share and promote brand messages.
  4. Spanish-language still important
    Even though some Latinos in the U.S. are English-only, they still enjoy Spanish-language media or media that references some Spanish words, according to Nielsen. Think the CW’s “Jane the Virgin.” The English-language show centers on a Mexican family whose grandmother drops the occasional “Mija” when trying to advise Jane.
  5. Engaged. For longer.
    Engaging with video content is also part of the experience. Latinos are 1.3 times more likely to “like” video posts. Regarding binge watching, Latinos are also 1.3 times more likely to consume video content for longer. Hundreds of Chespirito episodes now available for streaming? No problem.

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Source: Facebook IQ, Nielsen.

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