Proactive Leaders in the Advancement of Hispanic Print Media 

SAN DIEGO, CA – November 14, 2013 – The National Hispanic Media Alliance (NHMA), launches with a strong mission to be the leading Hispanic print media advocacy group in the nation, representing prominent community based Hispanic publications; showcasing the value of cultural relevance and the power of hyperlocal content.

“The story for community newspapers in Spanish is unique and its power needs to be told. Latinos find a greater connection and appreciation for their local paper, as reading content in their language provides a great sense of cultural identity”, states Fanny Miller, publisher of El Latino Newspaper in San Diego and chair of the NHMA. “It is imperative that publications continue to strengthen their core product with relevant information, as well as evolve with new technology”, Ms. Miller affirmed.

With Hispanic newspapers continuing to be direct access to a market totaling an astonishing $1.2 billion in purchasing power as of 2012 – where one in six adults in the U.S. is Hispanic and every 30 seconds a Latino turns 18 years old – the role of the NHMA is vital to the progression of the vibrant community its members serve (Source: Selig Center for Economic Growth).

The NHMA will concentrate its efforts in four primary pillars; Education, Advocacy, Verification and Advancement. The Education pillar will provide sales, editorial and technology webinars, industry standard tutorials, templates and guidebooks. Advocacy offers inclusion to the powerful, ‘Unified Voice’, showcasing the power of local print at industry conferences and various outreach efforts. Verification will facilitate the circulation audit and minority certification process, while Advancement will present access to an award winning digital platform, directory with vendor discounts as well as an advisory board of national brand representatives who will lead the conversation in aligning the efforts and direction of Hispanic print media.

Chair of the Industry Professionals Advisory Board and an essential supporter of the NHMA is Trevor Hansen, CEO of EPMG, the country’s leading multicultural media partner for agencies and clients. “EPMG is excited to be working with the NHMA. We as an organization are very passionate about Hispanic print media; we believe in the power of hyper relevant content and its impact for advertisers and the community. We are looking forward to helping the NHMA bring a new voice to this powerful media opportunity”, states Mr. Hansen.

Other key players passionate about the development of the NHMA include the founding board of directors; Fanny Miller, Publisher of El Latino Newspaper in San Diego, California and Chair of the NHMA, Roaldo Moran, Publisher & General Manager of Hoy in Los Angeles, California and Vice-Chair of the NHMA, Penni Barton, Publisher of Al Día in Dallas, Texas and Secretary of the NHMA and Anthony Ibarria, Publisher of El Especialito in New York City, New York and Miami, Florida and Executive Board Member of the NHMA.

Recognizing the value of inclusion and publisher participation, the NHMA launches with the fifth position on the executive board OPEN to nomination. Members of the NHMA may submit their  nomination online at The fifth BOD member will be announced in January.

New members are encouraged to apply for membership online at and take advantage of the ‘Join the Voice – 50% new member savings’ available through the end of 2013.


About EPMG: EPMG is the leading multicultural media buying and planning partner in the United States. With a focus on hyper-relevancy, EPMG’s expertise is leveraged by Fortune 500-level clients and major advertising agencies. EPMG combines proprietary research data, powerful C-suite level tools, and exceptional service with the proven effectiveness of multicultural print and digital media to give clients media solutions that deliver measurable ROI. For more information about EPMG, visit or call (866) 664-4432.

About Fanny Miller – NHMA Chair: Fanny Miller is President/CEO and Editor of El Latino, the #1 Hispanic newspaper in San Diego County. Ms. Miller founded the 100% minority and women owned publication in 1988, which currently serves more than 186,000 readers each week. El Latino is a trusted brand with empathy for its community and whose mission statement states “for the success and well being of Hispanics”.

Miller also produces Celebrando Latinas, an unforgettable annual event for women to be pampered, informed and empowered in their first language, Spanish. Celebrando quickly became the largest conference for Latinas in Spanish nationwide; doubling attendance to 1,000 in only its second year, then introducing its Celebrando Teens conference in 2013 and recently announcing the addition of Las Vegas, Nevada as a second city for 2014. Some of Ms. Miller’s recognitions include: Community Advocate Award – Wells Fargo, Top Print Media Professional – Portada Magazine, Community Education Advocate Award – CABE, The Superior Achievement Award – National Association of Hispanic Publications, Outstanding Small Business Award – State of California.