Twitter recently released Vine, a hot new mobile social media app currently only offered to iPhone users. Touted as the next Instagram by some, companies have already found creative ways to advertise their products utilizing the new six-second video feature … which fits right in to the average person’s attention span! According to figures from Onavo Insights (, which tracks usage of apps across iOS devise in the U.S., since going live in January, Vine has grown its monthly active users by 50 percent in the last month, and it was used on 2.66% of all iOS devices in the U.S. by the end of February.

Do you think Vine would be helpful with your social media strategy?

Just remember to keep in mind:

  • You’ve only got six seconds to get your message across, make sure you have it planned out what you want that one point to be.
  • Sound is also available with the videos, so music or narration would be great to add.
  • Keep your video simple, try not to cram too much in six seconds. It can be a little overwhelming.
  • Use hashtags. Vine supports hashtag usage so that other viewers may explore and discover videos.
  • Vine is public to everyone. Don’t use Vine if you want to make private videos.

A few examples of how marketers have used Vine to advertise:

  • Giving followers a sneak peek of their new product or service. Don’t forget to add a call-to-action and let them know where to go to get this new product/service!
  • Demonstrate new product/service features
  • Show off your company culture and have fun!

What do you think of Vine? We would love to hear your thoughts.