Clients and agency partners of Motivate, the leading specialized media partner in the U.S., can now see influencer campaign metrics skyrocket as we speak. That’s right— our influencer marketing dashboards reflect real-time KPIs such as media value, ROI, and engagement and reach.

Share it. Like it. Retweet it. Track it. Now we can keep up with speedy online activation the moment we ignite it. Why? To react to it.

“No one is doing influencer marketing like we are,” Motivate CEO Trevor Hansen said. “In addition to leveraging our in-house market experts and their connections to today’s most influential growth-market leaders, we have now developed a hub for clients to see activation in live action.”

Motivate’s real-time influencer marketing dashboard measures how user-generated sponsored content is being received online, both short-form (tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos) and long-form (blog posts, videos, takeovers). Motivate clients can now see where their influencer marketing campaigns are thriving, but most importantly, where we can quickly optimize.

The latter is the dashboard’s primary purpose. Keeping a close eye on live campaigns, we can shift investments and up the return in the moment. A prime advantage of influencer marketing is tracking consumer voice the instant we turn your campaign live.

Our custom dashboard also puts industry-standard monetary value to total reach as it’s being recorded, indicating returns per views, clicks, likes and comments.

Motivate provides its clients with turnkey delivery and management of social influencer marketing campaigns. Our best-in-class social team manages client campaigns from custom content strategy and top performing influencer selection to successful execution. For more information concerning influencer marketing, please contact or 866.664.4432.

Motivate is the leading specialized insights and media partner for reaching Multicultural, Youth and LGBTQ segments. We specialize in consumer segmentation, custom insights, and turnkey media strategy and execution for high-growth demographics. Motivate provides best-in-class media activation in digital, traditional, social and influencer marketing. Our expertise is leveraged by Fortune-500 clients and major advertising agencies. We’re proud to be a Women Business Enterprise certified company. For more information about Motivate, please visit or call 866.664.4432.