1. The NNPA and member publishers are embracing an exciting shift in day-to-day operations of the media properties with the next generation of family coming into help drive the media going forward. The new ownership at several media operations has created an energized and passionate fresh voice within the organizations. This voice is challenging the model, talking digital and social first, and embracing diversification outside of core print only efforts.

2. There was a time when the conversation of digital and websites were not at the forefront of strategic conversations. At this year’s Mid-Winter conference, between dedicated session time and earned time, digital represented over 50% of the conversation. This is a huge movement. As Real Times Media publisher, Hiram Jackson, mentioned, the goal of digital as a topic in this year’s conference was to create inspiration, curiosity, commitment, and yes, next steps. I believe the association and Hiram were a complete success in that regard. I see a strong digital future for the NNPA and committed member media.

3. Influence: The word was thrown around a lot from speakers, panelists and audience participants. With a resolute and impassioned perspective, it was clear that the role of the black press as an influencer is to both the community in inciting positive change, as well as to local and national clients, acting as “the bridge” and influencing consumer action.

However, our ability to “prove it” as Ken Smikle from Target Market News challenged is the singular key to crystallizing our role as a dominant influence to both our constituents. The movement to digital and social will be paramount in our capability to “prove it.” Social followers, their content interaction and to digital delivery are non-negotiable. This vital commitment to being multi-platform, will help drive our industry not just from a digital revenue standpoint, but as importantly from our aggregate ability to “prove it” and retake our market leadership position in reaching the power of the black consumer market.