Lion Heart Digital (LHD) Latino, the largest, most robust online Hispanic newspaper group in the U.S., launched in November 2012, and already has a rapidly growing community of 2 million unique visitors. LHD Latino’s passion is to connect advertisers with Hispanic consumers through strong, trusted publishers’ digital distribution. LHD Latino was created in response to our clients’ demand for a robust digital adverting solution targeting the Hispanic market.

For our Hispanic Newspaper Partners, LHD Latino offers a state of the art 360° web publishing technology, education on web best practices, and national sales representation.

For agencies and clients, LHD Latino is a true one-stop-shop to reach the heart and soul of the Hispanic digital consumer. LHD Latino has the largest set of fully disclosed premium digital newspaper publishers, a large and growing highly qualified Hispanic audience, and a full suite of cutting edge advertising products and programs.

To date, LHD Latino has built, launched and continues to host 14 Hispanic news sites in the top DMAs across the nation. Top publisher brands include:

  • Dallas Morning News, Al Día (BELO)
  • San Antonio Express News, Conexion (Hearst)
  • Houston Chronicle, La Voz (Hearst)
  • Los Angeles Times, Hoy (Tribune Company)
  • Washington Post, El Tiempo Latino (Washington Post)
  • Atlantic Journal Constitution, Mundo Hispanico (COX)

In Q1 of 2013, LHD Latino will be launching two new sites; based in Seattle, Washington, and based in Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Both sites are scheduled to launch in January 2013.

LHD Latino is proud to announce that of Chicago Tribune,, and OkEspañ have joined LHD Latino Publisher Group as partners starting Q1 of 2013.

Contact your account manager today to put this powerful partnership to work for you.

2013 LHD Latino Publisher Group Media Kit