Street artist L7M colors Motivate office expansion with energetic three-piece canvas art from Motivate on Vimeo.

Ready to grow? We did. Motivate’s office space expansion is vivid—worthy of office envy —and symbolic of our growth in media solutions and innovation.

Growth Markets: The New General Market

Our eye is targeting today’s growth markets: communities leading in population growth and new media adoption, and taking significant leaps in household income and education.

They’re also renovating the way we see general market. Forget NHW, heterosexual households with large pockets; today’s bread winners range from multicultural millennials to older adults with big clout over their communities.


Motivate speaks the language and knows the delivery because our specialists are embedded in the communities we serve. Growth markets are the new general market.

Growing Space and Team

Our eye’s on the prize, and it’s also the focal point of our office expansion. Brazilian graffiti artist L7M created a street art mural for our team, taking inspiration from the energy, passion and focus, he saw in the team during his Motivate site visit.


In addition to the colorful, three-canvas mural, the new office is a meeting place for a fully integrated team. Décor like a hanging chair and a Zildjian gong take center stage, the latter symbolizing victory.

“I want people to hear what winning sounds like,” Motivate CEO Trevor Hansen said. “It’s time to get loud, make big moves, and have fun doing it.”


The employee who makes the win hits the gong, but since every sale is a team effort— we all celebrate. More noise comes from the newly added Sonos speakers bringing in beats and keeping the team pumping.

What do Bruce Lee and Tyler Durden have in common? Scenes that make the hair on your arm stand up. These are images bringing color and action to our new conference rooms.


Growing Capabilities

You have to go where your consumers’ eyes are, and that’s social, local and mobile.

At par with our teams’ industry-leading execution of print and digital solutions, Motivate has developed the most engaged influencer marketing network, which includes an exclusive group of niche market social influencers to deliver sponsored messages in the most authentic way yet: through community trendsetters.