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Join one of the most cutting-edge, relevant youth conferences April 11th as Motivate’s Gregg Witt moderates a panel with Gen Z’s top influential leaders during the “Marketing to Gen Z” Conference.

The interactive, open-mic presentation will explore the most enduring challenges faced by youth marketers, leveraging groundbreaking case studies and relevant research that provides marketing, advertising and research executives with actionable insights for their strategy.

Attendants will have the opportunity to dive into the minds of Gen Z speakers Connor Blakley, Scarlett Curtis, Patrick Finnegan, Ishan Goel, Jake Skoloda and Tiffany Zhong during the Q&A session. Audience members will learn in-depth facts and figures that influence Gen Z’s purchase decisions, optimal media channels that build consistency and trust, and the creatives performing best and worst for brands.

The “Marketing to Gen Z” Conference is set to take place at the Scandinavia House in New York City on April 11th, 2018.

The pertinence of this conference couldn’t be more immediate as Gen Z continues growing as the most diverse generation in history, predicted to be 40% of U.S. consumers by 2020.  The segment currently spends over $44 billion and influence another $600 billion in family spending annually.

Don’t miss this opportunity to speak with Gen Z’s experts! Register here.

Gregg Witt is a renowned Gen Z marketing strategist and youth trends analyst. In 2016, Witt was named a “Top 5 Youth Marketer to Follow” by Inc. Magazine. Witt has 16 years of experience in consumer insights, brand and product marketing strategy, and influencer engagement.