Gen Z insights, ideas and big news.

Gen Z insights, ideas and big news.



“Snapchat and YouTube have become a way for brands to market right to tweens — in fact, it’s one of the only ways to get to them directly,” said Gregg L. Witt, executive vice president of youth marketing for Motivate, an a...
Washington Post: Retailers are marketing directly to kids shopping on
August 13, 2018

Youth culture is complex and as Gen Z comes of age, the job of consumer engagement doesn’t get any easier than previous generations. In fact, youth, lifestyle and multicultural marketing is more nuanced than ever before. So, how...
5 Reasons a Total Market Approach Doesn’t Drive Marketing ROI with G
July 2, 2018

In this interview, Motivate’s Executive Vice President of Youth Marketing, Gregg Witt, discusses how brands can build sustainable and relevant engagement strategies with their Gen Z consumers. Nate Cusick, Marketing and Business...
Gen Z marketing expert, Gregg Witt, discusses the power of cultivating
June 19, 2018


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Teen on smartphone

Talking Kid Power and Youth Trends with Motivate’s Gregg L. Witt

Witt stops by to discuss some of the key challenges when seeking to earn the attention of tweens,…

ANA Conference

2017 ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference Recap With Motivate’s Leadership Team

Motivate’s leadership team, Gregg Witt, executive vice president of youth marketing; Randy Gudiel,…

10 Do’s and Don’ts Of Influencer Marketing To Gen Z

Are you launching your first youth-targeted influencer marketing campaign, or optimizing an…

Forbes: Gen Z Marketing Leadership Talk with Motivate’s Gregg Witt

How do brands cultivate relevance with Gen Z audience segments? In this interview, Jeff Fromm…

What is Influencer Marketing?

The main idea behind influencer marketing is for brands to engage with consumers directly through…

A tween girl uses a tablet while sitting on the couch.

New to Tween Marketing? Here are the Must-Knows of Gen Z

Gen Z has become an emerging demographic with an unprecedented marketing potential. Inside this…

Gen Z girl in the sun with picture bubbles of Disney characters around her.

Why Youth-Led Engagement Should Be Part Of Any Gen Z Research Study

While we pride ourselves in having top-notch professional youth facilitators, moderators, and…

Young adult with headband and wristbands in front of a YouTube and VidCon backdrop.

Youth Marketing Myth: Influencer Marketing Is A Quick Fix

Influencer marketing is undeniably one of the most popular industry buzzwords today, and these…


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