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“No Blacks.  No Asians.  Just a preference.”  We’ve seen that phrase on the profiles of many LGBTQ social apps.  Is it just a preference, or a continuation of racism that extends into the LGBTQ community, a group that is supposed to pride itself on its diversity.  This year, The City of Philadelphia sparked a timely debate around the topic by including brown and black stripes on the Pride rainbow flag.

Brands marketing to LGBTQ consumers are smart to review their practices for engaging the community, with special attention to African-American, Hispanic and Asian LGBTQ sub-segments.

A study, commissioned by Motivate Inc., found that multicultural LGBTQ experience lower levels of acceptance within their own racial communities, thus, seeking LGBTQ places and people for acceptance.  However, the study also found that these people do not feel accepted by the broader LGBTQ community.

LGBT Research Data

When asked, “Generally, how supportive of LGBTQ causes are you?” 50% of Whites said they were supportive, whereas only 43% of African-Americans and 38% of Hispanics were supportive.

As a result, African-American and Hispanic LGBTQ are more likely to seek out LGBTQ friends and locations than White LGBTQ because of lower acceptance (12% more with African-American LGBTQ compared to White LGBTQ).

Here’s the catch:

The majority of African-Americans and Asians do not feel accepted by the broader LGBTQ community. Likewise, four in 10 Hispanic LGBTQ also feel excluded by the community. These groups do not feel accepted by their racial community or sexual orientation community.

For marketers, this makes me think of how impactful and vital multicultural LGBTQ messaging can be. It’s not only about inclusive imagery in LGBTQ advertising, but also media placement. Do your Spirit Day and Pride season campaign efforts reach African-American, Hispanic and Asian LGBTQ consumers?

Let’s talk about how your brand’s message can weave insights on multicultural audiences throughout your LGBTQ strategy.

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