A colorful and thriving community demands a diverse group of social media influencers

Motivate’s exclusive group of LGBTQ social media influencers is comprised of individuals who mirror the diverse essence of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. The hand-selected LGBTQ influencer network has extensive reach in various interest categories, such as health and fitness, advocacy, performance art, photography and film, family and parenting, beauty and fashion, and more. Each social influencer is a trendsetter in their subject matter, with unique followings above 10 thousand on a variety of social platforms.

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“When we developed this vertical, our goal was uniting a strong group of recognized thought leaders that can reach the entire LGBTQ spectrum online,” Motivate LGBTQ market and storytelling strategist Arturo Garcia Sierra said. “We understand the importance in reaching gay and lesbian men and women, but the community is more diverse than who we typically target when speaking ‘LGBT.’ We need to be inclusive and have relationships with influencers who can relate to each letter in the acronym.”

Nearly half of LGBTQ adults say they’re most likely to consider a brand with advertisements tailored to their community. The community is also well established online; for example, gay men and lesbian women are twice more likely to be Twitter users than heterosexual people.

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