By: Stephanie Trinh

Social media is the first thing a company should consider when it comes to marketing, especially for businesses with a small marketing budget. In fact, more companies have begun using social media to reach multicultural consumers because it is now recognized that multicultural consumers comprise more than 34 percent of the U.S. population with a spending power exceeding $2 trillion. The impact of social media on multicultural voters – and indeed the overall significance of the multicultural marketplace – was never more evidenced than by the large role it played in the outcome of the 2012 presidential election. The Obama campaign successfully leveraged the nation’s Hispanic and African-American voting power through a powerful display of digital savvy.

The efficacy of multicultural social media campaigns is undeniable. A major bonus is that such campaigns  are less expensive than traditional marketing efforts and they’re also relatively easy to update and adjust strategies. Take these tips into consideration as you begin your social media marketing:

1.  Do your research. Pew research showed that African-Americans use Twitter more than their peers. Thus, to achieve maximum reach, it might be better to focus more energy on Twitter when creating a social media campaign directed to African-Americans.

2.  Include multicultural in your larger marketing strategy. Instead of reinventing the wheel for each new targeted campaign, adapt them to your new campaigns using the same best practices and efforts.

3.  Do not stereotype. When dealing with cultural issues, a lack of understanding can be disastrous. Avoid stereotyping when creating your campaign and base your understanding of cultural matters on solidly grounded consumer research. By making the effort to ascertain and understand what makes your target audience unique, you’ll increase consumer appreciation, as well as the level of their trust in your organization.

Multicultural social media marketing is an opportunity for businesses and multicultural consumers to connect around ideas, products and services. Instead of just sending one huge message to your multicultural audience, social media is a tool to help businesses create organic conversations with your target consumers. Connect with them on a personal level, let them you know hear them, and their enthusiastic response will be your reward.