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Podcaster and Creative Director of Power Kid, Phil Albritton, recently interviewed Motivate’s EVP of Youth Marketing, Gregg L. Witt, on the Power Kid Podcast Tuesday, Nov. 14th, 2017.

On the show, Witt stops by to discuss some of the key challenges when seeking to earn the attention of tweens, teens and young adults. He shares insights from his career working within youth culture segments, and how the Motivate team helps brands tune-in and build credibility. The interview addresses some of the difficult challenges youth marketers are faced with today — How does your brand speak to tweens and teens? What mistakes is your brand making while trying to reach this elusive market? How can the toy and game industry better connect with the hearts and minds of young consumers?

A few excerpts from the show:

Witt affirmed that one of the biggest mistakes brands can make in approaching these youth demographic subgroups (tweens, teens, young adults) is to place them all within one monolithic group, label them “Gen Z” and believe that is an effective segmentation approach. In fact, each group carries intricate levels of complexity.

“Marketers often make the mistake of underestimating young people’s intelligence. Just like anyone else, they don’t like to be talked down to. The fact is that young people don’t necessarily mind an adult voice talking to them as long as it meshes with their interests and doesn’t feel forced.”

Getting deeply immersed in your market to see which trends are passing and what’s cycling back, was one of the key points Witt mentioned when speaking on the relevance of toys in the digital era. “Are technology devices dominant? Yes. Are traditional toys gone? No. It’s not just about jumping onto the cool new shiny tech thing, successful brands watch learn the patterns that continuously circulate and how to adapt.”

Listen to the full podcast episode here.

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