With a population size estimated at 3 million, South Asian consumers can’t be disregarded. They’re also the wealthiest Asian-origin segment in the U.S. today. With over $20 billion in spending power, South Asians have the highest household income of any Asian segment, averaging more than $100 thousand a year.

Top Brands Targeting South Asians

Within the top South Asian DMAs—New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco—South Asian publications garner a loyal readership exceeding 120 thousand. Below are the top brands leveraging these coveted, community-first publications for their integrated, multiplatform strategies.

  1. Wireless Telecommunications

AT&T is the top wireless telecommunication brand placing in South Asian publications.

  1. Home Cable and Internet Satellite

Dish Network is a top advertiser in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose DMA with the highest placement frequency in any category.

  1. Automotive

Toyota has the top frequency in ad placement in the automotive category.

  1. Banking/Finance

Wells Fargo is the top advertiser in the banking category. BBCN Bank is also frequently placing ads in South Asian publications.

  1. Retail

The top retailer placing in South Asian print is Macy’s.

Data is King, Knowledge is Power

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