Join us on Wednesday, August 8th 2018 at 11 a.m. (PST) for a 60-minute live roundtable discussion on youth marketing trends, engagement strategies, and activism from a global perspective. A topic that hasn’t been addressed enough in the industry or among marketing professionals seeking to build relationships with youth culture.

Gen Z: A Phenomenon Without Borders
Wednesday, August 8th, 2018
TIME: 11a PST / 2p EST
DURATION: 60 minutes

Gregg Witt, Motivate’s EVP of Youth Marketing, will be leading the discussion with influential Gen Z entrepreneurs, change agents and youth marketing professionals, including: Jenk Oz (12-year old Founder of iCool Kid and UK’s youngest CEO, UK); Dr. Muhammad Faisal (YouthLab, Indonesia); Ariana Feygin (13-year old Philanthropist and Masterchef Jr. Contestant, USA); Sam Park (22-year old Founder, Instinct Media, Canada); Ryan Scofield (Director, KidSay Youth Insights, USA).

Roundtable Topics Include:

  • Market size highlights: based on the percentage of Gen Z in key global population
  • Examination of current and emerging trend both global and regional
  • Developing youth engagement strategies that are focused on value creation
  • How young people are impacting social change and advice to any organization that wants to start a movement

Motivate works with Fortune 500 clients and major advertising agencies, providing custom insights and best-in-class media solutions in the digital, social, traditional and influencer market to reach Multicultural, Youth and LGBTQ segments.