Multicultural insights, ideas and big news.

Multicultural insights, ideas and big news.



Multicultural consumers are shopping more and comprising more of the auto brand customer base than ever before, with the Hispanic segment taking the lead. Between 2010 and 2016, the number of vehicles sold to Hispanic consumers d...
3 Consumer Trends of Young Hispanic Car Buyers
April 4, 2018

In 2004, Hershey’s branded its product with what it anticipated to be a promising tagline.  The chocolate manufacturer featured Thalia Sodi on its packaging, and displayed the copy “Cajeta Elegancita” adjacent to the celebr...
Top 7 Influencers from Hispanic Subcultures
February 13, 2018

At 24.3 million strong, African-American women are a highly influential consumer segment.  They are growing entrepreneurs, impacting business and marketing in U.S. mainstream.  With higher levels of entrepreneurship and educatio...
3 Trends Cosmetic Brands Should Know To Appeal to African-American Wom
February 5, 2018

While marketers from airline, tourism and hospitality industries construct their Q2 and Q3 strategy, they may also want to start generating a business plan for reaching Hispanic consumers.  Inspecting superficial trends in the tr...
3 Reasons Airline, Tourism and Hospitality Brands Should Market to His
January 19, 2018


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One in four births in the U.S. are to a Hispanic woman. Nearly 20 percent of millennial parents are…

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Vogue introduced Chinese consumers to the tech wearable that seamlessly complements all couture,…


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