LGBTQ insights, ideas and big news.

LGBTQ insights, ideas and big news.



By integrating LGBTQ influencers into your marketing strategy, not only do you expand your brand awareness within the nuances of the LGBTQ community, but you also gain branded material that can be distributed across online and dig...
6 Successful LGBTQ Influencer Partnerships...
March 8, 2018

When Billie Jean King, the heralded 70’s and 80’s tennis icon came out in 1981, she lost millions of dollars in sponsorships overnight. Martina Navratilova, another tennis star, said she was told not to come out or suffer the ...
LGBTQ Gold Medalists at Olympics Shaping Marketing Trends for the Futu
February 23, 2018

According to a Gallup survey, there were nearly half a million same-sex marriages in the U.S. by 2016.  Moreover, recent census reports 115,000 same-sex households have children.  With these changes in the composition of the fam...
Building a Marketing Strategy that Reaches LGBTQ Families
February 20, 2018
lesbian couple and firepit

To develop a marketing strategy that reaches the 9.3 million LGBTQ adults in the U.S., you’ll need a comprehensive understanding for annual LGBTQ awareness days, holidays, observances and events, what we call “shared moments....
7 Opportunities to Reach LGBTQ Consumers in Q3 and Q4
February 6, 2018


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What is Influencer Marketing?

The main idea behind influencer marketing is for brands to engage with consumers directly through…

A man throws his hands in the air under a rainbow flag.

Beyond The Rainbow: Marketing to the LGBTQ Community 12 Months A Year

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The marketing and advertising industry is evolving with increased LGBTQ inclusive creative,…

5 Events to Reach Multicultural LGBTQ Communities

Hispanic and African-American LGBTQ consumers are 15 percent less likely to see their race included…

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5 Must-Tweets from the 2016 #LGBTWeek NYC

The 9th annual LGBT Week took place at the New York Times building in Manhattan. The four-day…

10 Facts About the LGBTQ Consumers

At an estimated buying power of $884 million, the LGBTQ community is a market with significant…

5 Things to Know When Marketing to LGBTQ Consumers

The prominence of the LGBTQ community has grown over the past couple years. With the recent…

Where LGBTQ Consumers Spend Their Dollars

The U.S. LGBTQ community’s total buying power—a significant $884 billion—is greater than the total…


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