Gen Z has become an emerging demographic with an unprecedented marketing potential. Inside this cash-packed group is an equally impressive sub-market of tweens and teens that will influence nearly $600 billion dollars of family spending. Tweens are a key puzzle for marketers to solve, explored in the e-book How to Reach Tweens: The Pivotal Middle Ground of Gen Z, so let’s get to know the massive market potential of tweens in Gen Z.

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Who are Tweens?
The etymology of tween comes from a child nearing puberty “between” the ages of child and teenager. Although tween is relatively new in terms of a target audience, they are still the same group caught up in the transition of simply being a kid, to entering the peer pressures of becoming a teenager. Tweens are between the ages of 9-13 and are usually considered to be highly influenced; however, this group remains one of the hardest to target. So, how do we reach tweens?

They Grow up so Fast
“Kids these days.” You’ve heard your grandparents say it, your parents say it, and probably have mumbled it to yourself every now and again. These “kids,” specifically tweens, have more access to media than ever before thanks to smartphones and tablets. Tweens seemingly grow up at a faster rate than those of generations before based on the fact that they have an infinite amount of information at their fingertips. Tweens need to be marketed to as if they are 2-3 years older than they are with a persona of an experienced teen.

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Eyes on the Prize
Per a study by Sharethrough, 74% of Gen Z watch more than 30 minutes of mobile video each day, and 1-in-6 watch more than two hours. Using a mobile-first video strategy when trying to connect with tweens is a must nowadays. It’s also important not to ignore the streaming quality of your video experience as 62% of tweens say they won’t return to a website or app with sluggish video. If tweens aren’t watching your mobile videos, they are probably looking for something more. An emerging video trend to grab hold of right now is live streams. Make sure if you’re live streaming you develop a clear, community moderation and safety guide. Anything goes on live streams, and you want to ensure your audience isn’t exposed to questionable content.

Cool Story Bro
There’s a reason apps like Snapchat and Instagram play well with the tween audience – it makes them look cool. Tweens are in a place in their lives where the “coolness factor” plays a major part in how they are perceived by their peers and friends. If you’re developing content for either of these apps, make sure to adhere to the tween voice. Whether it’s a filter or messaging tactic, leave the boring and babyish behind, and make sure to deliver the cool.

These must-know marketing tactics for the tween segment of Gen Z just scratch the surface of what you can do to deliver your brand’s message to this crucial audience. Download the E-Book How to Reach Tweens: The Pivotal Middle Ground of Gen Z to learn #TweenTakeaways, Do’s and Don’ts, and how to conquer your next tween marketing campaign.

“Tweens are an important puzzle to solve for brands marketing to Gen Z. They command three things above all else: transparency, authenticity, and originality. This ebook shows you how to apply all three–download it!”

– Connor Blakley, CEO, Youthlogic

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